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Law of Attraction

“That which is like unto itself is drawn,” says Esther Hicks as she channels for the benefit of listeners the group of ascended masters she named Abraham.

Many adherents of this law practice focusing their minds to achieve well-being, fulfill their needs for financial abundance, heal their bodies, and attract their heart’s desire. This requires a special love-centered focus, believed to be easily achieved through meditation, visualization, creating vision boards, self-affirmations, and other practices.

And it IS easily achieved, unless . . beliefs, feelings, and attitudes that are not conscious to the person interfere with the manifesting of desires. Chief among these beliefs are those of unworthiness and low self-esteem.

Many people, to their everlasting credit, work on themselves to replace (sometimes named “overwrite”) negative beliefs with positive beliefs about themselves. Becoming aware of those thoughts (sometimes described as a “voice in their heads”), they try to replace those thoughts with positive thoughts, using affirmations and other technics. Frequently they find this work effective. Kudos to them!

Yet, what if this “overwriting” replacement work is not effective, either done by oneself or in hypnosis? It can be a mere veneer that a powerful negative “inner voice” breaks through.  So what else can be done about those unconscious interferences?  What about those blockages we’re vaguely aware of – or even afraid of, within ourselves – that seem to be established, unbreakable patterns?

Hypnotherapy, as Dr. Davis practices it, is the tool that accesses the power of your mind to heal itself of these thought-feeling patterns/programs. Again, hypnosis conducted by a certified practitioner or simply practiced as self-hypnosis can be effective in replacing negative feeling-thoughts with improved feelings about oneself. However, as Dr. Davis herself discovered, affirmations backfired for her, making her feel worse about herself!  She discovered in deeper hypnosis that she had a “program” (inner voice) running in her unconscious mind that resisted (opposed) her sense of worthiness and self-esteem. She was sabotaging herself; therefore, affirmations were targeted as bad, even dangerous. Dr. Davis herself works with a hypnotherapist regularly in order to heal herself and keep her own “stuff” out of the sessions for her clients.  Therefore, she can facilitate your own power to discover the roots of your self-sabotage and transform it,  so that you are clear to manifest your dreams.